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The "crap" part is... long and complicated and not something I want to get in to. So. Yeah.


I found out something awesome today.

I'm gonna be an auntie. My big brother Mike's wife Sarah is pregnant. They've been trying for about two months. It's going to be a little boy, and they're thinking Tyse for the first name. Which is adorable and I already want to call him Ty-kun just to annoy my brother. xD

I'm so excited! Mike is nearly 40 now, so I'm really glad he's going to be able to start his family.

Ieee I'm gonna be an auntie! *SQUEAL*
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Person Wallpaper Meme!

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their Live Journal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing it! The point is to see what you had on!

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Jury duty, man... what a weird experience. Even if you DON'T get picked the process alone is defiantly a change up from anyone's usual day.

But I got picked.

Yes, that's right. Me. I was a juror for a whole two days, waking up at hours I haven't been awake for in months, going to sit through a case and listen to evidence and testimony and in the end I along with five other people decided the fate of another person.

I wish I could say that the case was something big, but obviously by the admittance of 'two days' you all can probably tell that it was a minor case at best. But it WAS typical Eugene weird, that's for sure.

Still, this was some one who honestly deserved it and I'm glad it ended the way it did.

So here's a run down of it.
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Jan. 18th, 2011 12:25 am
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That date is a lie. I'm just turning 25. Again.
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Muse List/ How's My Driving?
Like how I play a character? Hate it? Let me know! Anon is on, screening is off, IP logging is off. It's not a perfectly edited list yet, but I'll keep working on it.
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Yup. The Holidays. Love 'em or hate 'em, they always make their way back around.

Naturally [ profile] tacos_of_doom and I are broke as hell thanks to the entire year sucking balls, but we're still going to try to  keep some of that Christmas spirit alive, damnit.

That said.

Who wants cookies! =D

Taco and I will make and send tins of cookies (and yes you can specify flavor/kind, otherwise we'll just default to Chocolate Chip) and send them to people if they so wish! I learned this trick from a friend of mine several years ago, and its been a damn good default to fall back on when money is low.

Presents are expensive, labor is cheap. =D And the cookies actually do keep surprisingly well in tins wrapped in wax paper.

So this is a screened post. Put your address and cookie specification and we will send away in time for the Christmas season! The first batches will probably start going out around the first of next month.

Happy Holidays to all!
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[ profile] mellonemrys and I are combining our efforts for NaNo this year (splitting the word count, meaning we'll get 100,000 collectively) and working on furthering the story for Ardent Sin, a project we've been working on for about a year now.

We've been working on it today but haven't put the wordcount in yet. This is yesterday's. Some how it wants to count as today's though because I didn't plug it in until like... 12:01. Derp.

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So dead tired.

So sore.



so... fucking. Amazing.

Will have con report when I get home.

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afk bbl

alternately - going to Kumoricon, back in a week. Zoomzoomzoom!
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Reiko came back in. We left the doors open, and I went about about an hour ago to put some dishes away, lo and behold there was my little brat slinking in through the garage door like a kid who snuck out and was trying to get back in without getting caught.

Little turd. :P

Doors and windows are closed now. She's probably off somewhere sleeping. Fed her, gave her water, petting she didn't want (it was punishment!) and let her be.

Thankgod. She almost gave me a heart attack!
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Reiko some how managed to escape last night, while everyone was sleeping, either after Taco left for work or before. Either way I wasn't woken up by the usual feel of a tiny cat crawling on me desiring her usual morning dry food. I didn't realize anything was wrong until about 45 minutes ago.

We tore the house apart looking for her, but we didn't hear her bell and she didn't come to her bag rattling. Of course if she's outside she's not going to. She's a, go figure, timid feral-born cat who actually LIKES going outside and sniffing around, but probably got a bit too far this time and is now scared and hiding and refusing to come out.

J gave me some good pointers on trying to lure her back home, but it was hard to listen to anybody until I managed to calm down some. I only stopped crying about ten minutes ago.

I'm going to try sitting outside with food tonight like the missing kitty website suggested. If she's not back by Monday we're probably going to have to call some one to try trapping her, because I'll be leaving Wednesday morning for Portland.

Could this summer get any worse?


Aug. 7th, 2010 11:31 pm
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Haku (laptop) was able to boot up while I was on the phone with tech support, but the enter key was refusing to respond, so I couldn't even get past the 'safe boot up' menu that came up since I didn't "safely shut down my computer" when it freaked out.

I'm sending her in to Toshiba for repairs, praying nothing happens to my files and that they won't charge me.

Also hoping I get it back before KCon.


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Technology is trying very hard to make me hate it.

After getting a new charger for Taco's laptop after the universal one we got two months ago died suddenly, I managed to sit down, open a jar of face cleanser... and drop liquid down my keyboard on MY laptop. It freaked out, stopped booting properly, and now won't turn on at all.

Its sitting in a corner with the hope that if I leave it alone tonight it will start working again. If not... well, it IS under warranty, but fuck man...

I do still have the old clunky desktop GlaDOS who is still virus ridden but has a work around that lets me run firefox and trillian. Probably others but I'm not going to chance it. Most of my school work is on my thumb drive for the moment, I'll just have to do work at school.

I'm so frustrated about all this that I could cry.
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An Arrangement in Digital: A Digital Dive Original Soundtrack

All music files should work with iTunes, but it hasn't been tested on any other music player. Everything was burned from Media Player 7, so it would be safe to assume it works with that as well. The album names were changed to "An Arrangement in Digital: A Digital Dive OST" and almost everything was given the cover (above) as the album art, but some songs already came with their own art. It won't override on album-showing iPods/iPhones (Gen 3 and above I think?) but it will given an option of switching between the two on iTunes.

All artwork is included in the artwork .rar

Pictures of the the final, physical version: Case Disc Insert Outside Insert Inside

I may be willing to sell physical copies for cheap (like 5 dollars for the whole thing) if there's enough interest, but [ profile] razorsaw  is getting the first original copy.

Otherwise, enjoy!
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Work in Progress for MUL 212

Title- Digital Dive OST: An Arrangement in Digital

Rough Sketches - Front, Back

Progress - Song list complete, Disc Stamp complete, Discs 1-4 saved as separate PSDs, Cover mostly complete complete, Back tray complete, Inserts in progress, discs burning, track list being written

DONE DONE DONE! There's some compiling left to be done for tomorrow but ohgod its 2:30 am I've been working on this for hours and AHHHHHHHHHHHH

yeah. Done for now.

Cover final - Textless Cover , Text Cover , Cover with Text and Template

Back final - Back with Text and Template

CD Stamp final - Example - Disc 1

Insert art final - Inside Outside

Case - 4   2 Disc jewel case with Double CD sleeve Ordered Bought 10 at Staples. THANKS FOR SCREWING ME OVER AMAZON SELLERS 8D

Burnable CDs - Ordered Bought at Fred Myers
(7/31: Amazon sellers really screwed the pooch on this one. I put in for two day shipping, even paid the extra dollars to have it done and the fuckers haven't even MAILED it yet. These ordered ones are getting sent back as soon as they arrive. I bought my burnables at Fred Myers, and I'm going to Staples/Best Buy/Office Max to get the case.)

Song List:

Now posted here
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Hey peeps on my f-list that like to RP!

If you lot are looking for a place to just kick around characters or don't want to join a serious structured game for whatever reason, I'm opening up a DressingRoom!

Today is [ profile] shironomori 's grand opening! White Forest Tavern and Inn is a multifandom, OC and AU friendly Dressingroom with a unique setting. Taking place in a dimensional nexus set in a perpetual winter, people can come and go as they please from the location, but are urged to visit the local tavern sitting amongst the snowy scenery. Like any dressing room you can simply join and post, but in a slight twist there are NPC'd staff members. There will also likely be events in the future, if everything goes well and it gets a decent reception.

So join, play, have fun! You know I'm always good for encouraging this kind of thing. :3
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It's midnight, it totally counts as day two. Also spoilers for Season 8/9 of CSI in this one.

2. Your least favorite character )


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