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Title: Oh Death
Setting/Game: Assiah, some 100+ or more years in the future ([community profile] vatheon )
Characters/Series: Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist) and Death the Kid (Soul Eater)
Warnings: Blood, death
Summary: Rin Okumura has come to the end of his life after a long, arduous and bloody battle against the very beings who should consider him kin. He thinks his soul is bound for Gehenna regardless of the fact that he's spent his entire long life battling demons, but an unexpected friend from a place he'd forgotten comes to him in his final moments.

"Do you remember me?"

"Yeah. Kinda pissed off I ever forgot..."

The smile that curved pale lips upwards was wan, gentle but filled with a tired sort of sadness.

"It wasn't your fault. I can hardly blame you for the fickle wills of that place."

A laugh bubbled forth, but with it came the tell tale sounds of fluid trapped in damaged lungs. Crimson stained not only the ground around the half demon's battered body, but his torn clothes and his bruised, wound-riddled skin. The battle had been brutal, long, bloody and terrifyingly violent. Now, though, only the mournful echos of it remained within the desolate, war-torn city that had once been so full of life.

Next to his hand an ancient sword lay, it's pitted, dented blade snapped clean in half. Once blue flames danced along it's metal surface, but now it lay dormant, power extinguished for good.

"What're you doin' here?"

"I came for you."

Another laugh escaped, though bitterness replaced any note of humor.


"When have you ever known me to lie? Have the centuries really warped your memories of me that much?"

"You know I can't go with you. That fate ain't for me. That's your world, and Gehenna's been waitin' a long, long time for me."

"Let it wait."

A knee touched the damp ground next to him, a pallid hand reaching to touch his cheek gently. His face turned, blue eyes meeting familiar gold.

"Your home is with us. It always has been."

False humor, bravado and strength melted away, leaving tears to brim in the corners of his eyes. His face that had remained so very young in spite of his age finally seemed properly worn, and the depths of his eyes betrayed how truly his life weighed on his heart. His slowing heart ached with it, the pain of decades upon decades of loneliness that he had forced himself to ignore for so long pushing through his built up defenses.

"I miss her... I miss everyone. Even the ones I couldn't remember. I think... I think I always missed 'em, somewhere in my heart..."

"Shh..." the calming voice cooed softly, thin, cold fingers brushing across his clammy brow. Blue-black strands of hair moved with them. clumped with dried blood, dirt and sweat. His breath hitched painfully as a tear escaped from his eyes at least, rolling a trail clean through the stains on his cheek. A battered hand twitched and rose to touch those fingers on his brow, to wrap around that familiar hand that he hadn't touched in so, so long.

With it came a final smile.

"Thank you, Kid."

The smile was returned, genuine and warm yet still lingering in sadness.

Pain faded in to numbness, breath slowed and his hand fell away. The fingers at his brow moved down, sliding his eyes closed after the last breath left his chest. a blue glow appeared a moment later, a bright soul lifting from the still body.

Kid wrapped his thin arms around it, embracing the warm orb and pulling it close to his body.

"Let's go home, Rin."
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